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Judirh Dana

Wildwood, MO

There are no word to express the loss of my best friend, my cousin , my travel buddy and the memories we shared together growing up .
I will miss his smile, his jokes and how he was always there when I needed him.
Prayers 🙏 and love ❤️ for the family .

Saturday, September 23, 2023



Evansville, IN, IN

Larry was a trusted and close friend from our High School years at Rex Mundi and beyond. Especially after our High School years. I remember driving him from Evansville to Indy for his Freshman year in College and then the in between Summers when he worked cutting grass at the Golf Course. These were the times we became close friends--enjoyed music together and meals at my parents house. After college we lost connection until lately when we re-connected--and remembered our times together. He is a man to be respected and loved--I will not forget his friendship and his kind manner!
Saturday, September 23, 2023