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Byron  C.  Ness
February 23, 1963 -  June 22, 2024

Byron C. Ness, 61

Byron Ness, born February 23 1963, and passed away on June 20 2024.

Byron is survived by his devoted spouse, Jerry Kee, his daughter, Jennifer Jones and his grandchildren, Teontae Dock Jr. and Ceanna Newton; his sister Vicky Esperanza, and his niece Yarrow Tran, and her children Aubree Riverbirch and Elaina Tran.

Byron was preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Nancy Ness, and his brother Chuck Ness.

Byron grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and attended Hoover High School. Driven for his passion for the arts he moved to Omaha Nebraska in 1996 and pursued further education at the Omaha Graphic Designer Studio. It was here that he delved deep into the world of creativity, refining his skills and expanding his artistic horizons. Byron was known for his exceptional drawing abilities and mastery of framing and matting techniques. Byron's work always left a lasting impression. He was an incredibly talented individual who made significant contributions to the world of art. Two of his remarkable achievements were his framing work for the nature photographer Thomas Mangelsen and the Omaha History Museum.

Byron had a deep love for animals. Throughout his life he rescued several furry companions, providing them with a safe and loving home.He leaves behind his beloved Lucy.

His compassionate nature extended beyond his four-legged friends, as he was a trusted confidant and a dependable friend to many. Byron had a unique ability to listen attentively, offering comfort and support to those who needed it.

Byron also had a deep love for culinary arts and took great pleasure in creating delicious meals from scratch. His love for cooking allowed him to create memorable meals for his family and friends, showcasing his talent and passion in the kitchen. His homemade spaghetti will definitely be missed.

As we reflect on Byron's life, let us celebrate the beauty and inspiration he brought into the world through his artistry. May his memory serve as a reminder of the power of creativity, empathy, and friendship. Though he may be gone, his artistic legacy and the profound impact he made on the lives of other's will forever endure.

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